D. Phaneemdra, V. Venkatesh, Ramarao N.


Simple accurate and precise Spectrophotometric methods have been developed for simultaneous estimation of Simvastatin (SIM) and Sitagliptin (SITA) by employing three methods. Method A was simultaneous equation method; the method involves formation and solving the simultaneous equation using 238 nm and 267 nm as two wavelengths for SIM and SITA respectively. Method B was first order derivative spectrophotometry. The first order derivative absorption at 230 nm (zero crossing point of SITA) was used for SIM and 275nm (zero crossing point of SIM) was used for SITA. Method C involved Q-absorption analysis based on the measurement of absorbance at two wave lengths that is the λmax of SITA 267 nm and isoabsorptive point of both drugs at 250 nm. The three methods obeyed the Beer’s law in the concentration range of 3-15 µg/ml for SIM and 50-150 µg/ml for SITA. The methods were validated statistically and recovery studies were carried out to confirm the accuracy of the method.


Simvastatin;Sitagliptin;Simultaneous Equation Method;First Derivative Spectrophotometry;Q-Absorption Analysis


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DOI: 10.7439/ijapa.v2i1.14


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